Head Welding Services

Wilkinson Technologies, Ltd., is the Licensed Agent for all Hot-Hed pre-heating products in the Gulf of Mexico. Wilkinson furnishes experienced, certified, head welders, to any offshore or land location, worldwide.

Hot-Hed is a Pre-Engineered Controlled Heat Source, non-toxic, disposable exothermic heater that raises wellhead and casing temperatures uniformly to API standards in five to ten minutes and maintains temperatures long enough to make all external and internal welds.

Hot-Hed can be custom made to any tubular heating specification and size.

Other Hot-Hed items offered by Wilkinson Technologies include:

• Hot-Jnt
• Hot-Bev'lr
• Hot-Check

• Hot-Hed Habitat welding Isolation Chamber

• Hot-Hed Press-Test Equipment System
• Hot-Hed Bolting Systems
   Pneumatic/Hydraulic Torque Wrenches and Nut Cutters

• Blowout Preventers
• Heat Exchanger Channel Heads
• Piping Flanges

• Cold Cutter
• Hot-Tap

For more information regarding Hot-Hed products, rentals and services please contact us at
wilktech@net-connect.net or contact Hot-Hed directly at their primary locations listed below or visit the Hot-Hed website at: www.hot-hed.com

P.O. Box 840350
5322HH Addicks-Satsuma Road
Houston, Texas 77284-0305 USA
Telephone: 281/550-2100
Fax: 281/859-7396
E-mail: houston@hot-hed.com
Hot-Hed International S.A.
JL Warung Jati Barat No. 20
Jakarta, 12550 INDONESIA
Telephone: 62/21/789-1341
Fax: 62/21/780-5778
E-mail: jakarta@hothed.com

Wilkinson Technologies, Ltd.
P.O. Box 81457 Lafayette, La 70598 USA
Phone: (337) 839-9700
Toll free: 1-800-725-3777
Email: solutions@wilkinson-usa.com