Torch Operating Company - Matagorda Island Block #476
3 - 72 x 2.750" Caissons

Wilkinson Technologies
is the proven leader
in Offshore Robotic Welding services, with
over 20 years experience installing drive pipe, caissons, piles and mono pods world-wide.

First to offer the Industry

      • Self Diagnostic Computerized Robotic Units
      • Enclosed Orbital Welding Habitats
      • Offshore Automatic Orbital Welders

      • Fully Robotic Orbital Weldings Units
      • Special Handling Packages for Lift Boats 

1st Certified Automatic Pile and Caisson Welder in both the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico

Wilkinson's Micro-sized Robotic Welders, cross-trained crews and MMS approved equipment modules, can be matched precisely to a particular offshore project. Wilkinson's Robotic Welding Systems yield the most cost effective methods for welding, driving and installing tubular strings of pipe on offshore drilling and construction projects. Wilkinson's Offshore Robotic Systems are job proven, and utilize cutting edge technology for the new millennium. 


Our newest machine is a micro-sized robotic welder designed for installing conductor and drive pipe. The smaller size allows more units on the pipe, achieving welding times half that of conventional stick welders. 

Cleaner, faster welds with a smaller crew.

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